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Awakening the Divine Masculine

Masculine and feminine energies are both equally as important and necessary in every one of us, regardless of your gender - we have both energies moving through us. The differences between the two can be remarkable and, like most opposing forces (Yin and Yang), the balance of the two energies within you will determine how much you thrive and also how harmonious your relationships with others are. 

This month we will be focusing on awakening your divine masculine power and diving deep into what the traits of the masculine energy entail. 

Whilst next month there will be a focus on tapping into your feminine energy and allowing more fluidity, nurturing and self care in your day to day life. There are light and dark sides of each energy for you to draw parallels upon. To put it simply - masculine energy gives and feminine energy receives. 


So, to start, what are the key elements of masculine energy? 

The masculine energy is all about inner and outer power and strength, stability, self confidence, willpower, taking action, problem solving and making decisions fast. Using the left side of the brain, it is analytical, practical, logical, loves purpose and direction and when used well it can lead to real creativity. There is also a real sense of independence with the masculine side which loves to feel important and acknowledged. Grudges are not held for long as this interferes with the sense of freedom it requires.

On the shadow side of masculine energy, if not balanced or aware, it can lead to anger, resentment, inner conflict, dominance, and being emotionless and egotistical. 


The infamous psychologist Carl Jung who was an expert in the field of shadow work references in his teachings that archetypes; which are universal, inborn models of people, behaviours or personalities that play a role in influencing our human behaviours; are present and create the foundations of human behaviour.

A strong archetype within the masculine energy of the Father archetype, it is prevalent throughout all of history and cultures and takes on the form of God, king, judge, tyrant, leader, devil, holy man, wise man and, of course, the father or father figure. As with all Jung’s work, within any archetype both light and dark exist. 

The balanced side of the father archetype suggests law, order, discipline, rationality, understanding and inspiration. 

The unbalanced father refers to any person in a position of authority who is vindictive, rageful, brutal, rigid, controlling, selfish, withholding and has a cold intellectual way of relating.

Can you notice which of these resonate with you? This month on the membership, our meditation will be focusing on the inner father and how we can lean into him for support and guidance.

It would be worth taking some time to journal what comes up for you off the back of this meditation. Father and mother figures in our lives can really shape our way of thinking and being. They can also be a strong connection to our limiting beliefs and our inner dialogue and affirmations. Please note that this work can be triggering, so come to it with compassion and love for yourself.

Below are a few affirmations that resonate with the masculine energy that you can refer to when you need:

How can you reclaim your Masculine energy?

There are multiple ways in which you can do this - the first step is being aware of where you feel you are lacking or you have an imbalance. 

Some activities to ignite this are listed below for you. Take some time to reflect and make some additions or changes to your daily life where you feel you need.

  • Take on challenges where, although might have elements of competitiveness to them, the outcome does not need a ‘winning’ result. The challenge, the action or the doing, the goal you are setting is what will ignite help ignite your energy 
  • Get your heart rate up and sweat. Getting the blood pumping around the body is a sure way of stepping into your power and strength. This could be weight/body lifting, running, power yoga, team sport etc; whatever might give you a boost of testosterone and an endorphin rush. 
  • Testosterone reproduces whilst you’re sleeping, so make sure to get a good and restful amount of sleep to recharge 
  • Meditate. Take the time to be still, ground into the earth and into your body, your power, your inner strength. With mental clarity comes decisiveness.

The Soul Sanctuary practices this month are all designed to help you awaken and step into your divine masculine power and to learn where you could shift, adapt and enhance your masculinity in your life. Remember, we have both energies within us and balance is always key to harmony. 


Come flow with us

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