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How To Ignite Your Divine Feminine Energy

This month we are embracing, accepting and embodying the divine feminine energy. Your femininity is expressed when you move with the flow of life, embrace your creative energy, dance, play, create, reflect, love and practice self care. When awakened, it will make you intuitive, compassionate, sensitive, receptive, tender, kind, radiant, nurturing and unstoppable. 

To recap - masculine and feminine energies are both equally as important and necessary in every one of us, regardless of your gender - we all have both energies moving through us. The differences between the two can be remarkable and, like most opposing forces (Yin and Yang), the balance of the two energies will determine how much you thrive and how harmonious your relationships with others are. 

In today’s society, womanhood can be associated with codependency, sacrifice and weakness. It is usually referenced as over emotional and sensitive. Sometimes our feminine energy can be suppressed which demands more of our masculine energy to operate and feel accepted. 

What we need to realise is how much of a superpower our feminine energy really is and the empowerment that we can feel when it is awakened and celebrated.

You can re-awaken and embrace your feminine energy by 

  • Reflecting and connecting to yourself on a deeper level. You can do this through your journaling practice or another incredible way is to start therapy. When you work with a therapist or coach to explore your thoughts and feelings you’re diving into your deeper, internal feminine side.
  • Diving deeper into yourself will also boost your emotional intelligence which the feminine is expressed through. Many of us haven’t been taught how to understand our feelings, but when you start tuning into this you can hone your emotions to empower you instead of rule you.
  • Being open to receiving more. Feminine energy has the power to receive, amplify and give back, so allow this for yourself.
  • Allowing yourself to be playful, joyful, spontaneous, positive and light. 
  • Empowering others. Jealousy is a shadow trait that many women / feminine energies have with each other. If we support and encourage each other, we become goddesses. Be sure to ask for favours and support when you need it. Nothing comes from being too proud
  • Make pleasure your priority. Your body is a temple and should be treated as such. Do things that feel good physically. Pleasures related to feminine energy are massages, yoga, low-impact training, dance and free-movement. Alongside this, allow time for self care and pampering.
  • Getting creative! The feminine is the creative force and can be expressed through many forms like dance, writing, artistic expression, painting and even dreaming up new ideas. Envision what you want to create - anything that expresses your flow is considered feminine.
  • Most importantly - forcing yourself to transform. Feminine energy can be rejuvenating, bold and strong. If things in your life are no longer working for you, this is the feminine energy that surges to make a change. Destruction comes before creation so say goodbye to the old to welcome the new and allow yourself to grow and transform.



We have touched a lot on the creative and playful side of the feminine energy in this blog and that is because free movement, dance and yoga is such a huge empowering passion for the Soul Sanctuary and our members. 

Free movement and ecstatic dance is a form of expression through movement where you can abandon yourself to the rhythm and allow the music, your emotions and your body to lead you. It is without specific steps, structure or choreography and allows a deeper connection to self and others. These forms of dance serve as therapy and meditation, allowing a release of trapped emotions and stress and an increase in openness, positivity, high vibration, connection and self expression.  

This month, Soul Sanctuary founder Cat Meffan had the incredible opportunity to have an open and honest chat with Sacred Sensual Dance Facilitator Farah Rising ( you can watch back here ). Cat and Farah discussed our feminine energy and how it shows up within us. They also touched upon the means of tapping into and expressing our inner goddess through the power of healing intuitive movement. Farah also hosted a LIVE Sensual Sacred Dance ceremony for our Soul Sanctuary members, who can access this via the link emailed to them.  


We also have an incredibly powerful meditation this month on the membership that helps you to step into your inner queen, the boss of your life, and set the boundaries that enable you to step into your power and worth.

A few feminine energy affirmations and journal prompts below for you to work with. 


  • I am brave, fearless, soft AND strong
  • I am in alignment with my purpose
  • I am nurturing and patient
  • I am confident in my body and sexuality
  • I am admired for my inner beauty
  • I am sacred, my energy is sacred, my body is sacred
  • I give permission to my inner goddess to work her magic
  • I accept my emotions and let them flow and go freely
  • My energy shines with a radiant light that attracts the best for me 
  • Creativity flows through me easily and with abundance


  • What is your truth? 
  • What in life are you grateful for? 
  • What gets me excited about life? 
  • What are 5 things I value about myself? 
  • How do I feel right now? What are these feelings/emotions teaching me? 
  • What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself? 
  • I feel amazing about myself when I…... 
  • My intuition speaks to me when I ……..
  • 10 things you love about your body and why.
  • How do you best feel connected to nature? 
  • Write a love letter to yourself.

“The Goddess is not separate from the world - She IS the world, and all things in it: moon, sun, earth, star, stone, seed, flowing river, wind, wave, leaf and branch, bud and blossom, fang and claw, woman and man” - Starhawk

Come flow with us

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