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yoganuary 3.0, day 9: socks & blocks

yoganuary 3.0, day 9: socks & blocks

Theme: Yoganuary 3.0
Teacher: Cat Meffan

I’m so excited for you all to try this practice for #Yoganuary Day 9. I know it’s not yoga in the traditional sense, but then that begs the question “What Is Yoga?!”. Day 9 will have your muscles working hard and there might be a bit of sweat along the way too! As always, do what you can and take moments to pause when you need to.

For this practice you’ll need socks or a blanket and preferably two blocks. If you don’t have blocks, it’s ok, you can still do the flow without them.

If you wish to share anything from your practice on social media, I’d love to see! Just tag me @catmeffan and make sure you use the hashtags #yoganuary & #catmeffanyoga.

Much love, Cat x


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