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Welcome to the Soul Sanctuary

Hello, and welcome to the Soul Sanctuary Membership and our gorgeous new website! We are so excited to have you here and invite you to spend some time looking around.

The Soul Sanctuary has been created and led by experienced, creative yoga teacher, Cat Meffan.

Over the years, Cat’s focus has been to create a hub of yoga, meditation, wellness, connection, empowerment and community accessible to anyone, anywhere. This naturally birthed an online Yoga Membership that not only focuses on the physical benefits of yoga, but gives you a deeper understanding of the practice and how to incorporate the learnings on and off the mat.

It will also encourage you to make time for yourself, teach you ways to be more present, more confident and to navigate life with more purpose, alongside a community of supportive and like minded people.

Nothing shifts unless something changes.

If you’re not already a member, are you ready to take the first step to taking your life to the next level?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with life and in need of more time for yourself and time to feel present? Look no further, Soul Sanctuary is the place for you to nourish your heart and grow. Aimed at those who have a yoga practice already, the Soul Sanctuary monthly subscription will take you on a journey each month, deepening both your physical asana practice and your journey of your body, mind and soul. Keep reading to find out more.



I’m hoping the Soul Sanctuary membership impacts the people who are:

✨ Struggling to find time to be present.

✨ Struggling with inner and outer confidence.

✨ Ready to take some time to grow their inner self, all whilst working their body.

✨ Looking to deepen their knowledge of yoga and meditation.

✨ Ready to fill their cup before they can help others.

✨ Feeling overwhelmed with ‘adulting’.



Thank you for visiting the blog. I hope you join us for the FREE Soul Sanctuary 7-day trial challenge.



Lots of love, Cat xx

Come flow with us